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Poker table


it's not called  gambling if you win!

from the best players to the "I just play with my friends at the weekends"
this is a number one must have set.

Lego Poker table is a really nice and decorative.

it includes:

around 200 pieces and about 60 stickers (all 52 face up, including the jokers and 4 facedown cards.) Four different color chips: 

  1. four blue
  2. three orange
  3. five yellow
  4. eight Red
  5. and also a dealer button

two $100 bills and some coins next to the dealer.

it comes with a 18 cards two for each one of the five players, the whole flop and two more Facedown cards for the dealer, symbolizing the deck.
you can find also six chairs and four bottles (for players who get thirsty during the game)

My second hobby next to Lego is poker so I'm really happy that I can build this. Now it's standing on my shelf to show people my two passions in life

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