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Brick Calendar: Months/Days of the Year

Ever wanted to check the date but tired of using store-bought or digital calendars? Well, look no further! With the LEGO Brick Calendar, you can feel excited checking the date on something that you hand-built!

In all seriousness, the Brick Calendar would make a great display piece, as it harbors both functionality and presentation. In the images included, you can see that there are three months for you to swap out at the top of the calendar (via two little side 1x2 tiles), but those are just for example. All twelve months would probably be included, each with a different color scheme relating to its respective month. Also, a display stand is provided in case you don't want to hang it on a wall.

Finally, it's worth noting that each day in the calendar is connected to each other, except for the bottom three which can easily be removed and rearranged depending on the actual number of days in the month displayed at the top!

I built this model because while it may not present a whole lot in terms of jaw-dropping looks, I believe that its functionality and current presence can still make the perfect display piece for any room, office, etc.

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