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Forest Pond

This is a scene that I call the Forest Pond.

This scene is supposed to be at a pond in the Adirondack Mountains. There are two pine trees and lots of plants that form the scenery, along with some rocks. Walking along the bank of the pond are a moose and a fox. There is a cardinal in one tree, and a blue jay in another. Flying overhead is a common loon. Swimming on top of the water are two ducks and a painted turtle. Under the water, there are three fish: a northern pike, a largemouth bass, and a walleye. There are also numerous weeds, rocks, and even a moss-covered log in the water.

There are lots of details throughout, such as the cattails that extend down into the water, the flapping wings on the loon, the moss on the log, and the translucent pieces that make the fish "float". The front panel of the pond can also swing open to allow easy viewing of everything under the water.

I built this set for several reasons. First, I like fishing, and I wanted to make a scene that had fish. I also like the woods and seeing wildlife. I am very familiar with the Adirondacks as well, and thought it would be neat to build a scene that came from there. Overall, I am very happy with how the build came out and hope that you are too. Thanks!

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