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Gorillaz Legacy


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My first ever ideas set is here!

I saw a great interest within the Lego and Gorillaz community for an official set based on the band so i took matters in my own hands

the set is divided in three section, including a main stage, a backstage and their iconic car from their first album
the backstage already has some references to the band but be sure I will update it in the future if the set gets some support
the set also includes 4 figures: 2D with an alternate face showing his old design, Murdoc and Noodle’s new design, and Russel with an alternate expression because he hasn’t aged a day.

while i have my own plans for this set feedback will be very appreciated and I’m sure with your help we can build a better set together ;)

the set is also public to view on mecabricks under the username mastermind
better images are up on my instagram I will try to post better images here whenever i figure out cropping 😞

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