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Family Fun Drive Inn


Hello Lego Ideas team, and everyone who likes to build and play with Lego's. This is my idea for a Lego City or any other Lego Set. It is Called Family Drive Inn. This set has three buildings and a Extra Large Silver Movie Screen, all in one Set and there are Five different Parts to it so will be getting your money's worth out of it and maybe hours of fun playing with it!. Let me explain the Six different parts of this idea to you. The First Part is the Drive Inn Yellow Sign that says Drive, and that is short for Drive Inn, the Second part of this idea of mine is the Grass and Dirt,The Third Part of my idea is the Ticket booth. Inside the Ticket booth you have a computer, a credit card machine, a gift card machine a cash draw,telephone holder and telephone, walkie talkie holder and walkie talkie, a red char a door,  and a gate opener.On the outside of the Ticket booth you have the roof, security camera, credit card, four one hundred dollar bills, gift card, checkbook, friendly movie ticket booth attendent, The Fourth Part of this idea is the Gate opener.This is a tall square block with a gate and a mini stick to open it, The Fifth Part of my idea is The Movie Booth which is the color orange. Inside the Movie Booth you have a computer, a black divider wall, a movie projector camera holder, a movie projector camera, a window frame, clear window, and a red door. On the outside you have a Movie Booth Attendent with Walkie Talkie,  security camera, and blue roof. The Sixth and last piece of the Family Drive Inn is the White Snack Shack. Inside the White Snack Shack you have four Red Hotdogs, a Ice cream, a Ice Cream cone, Ice Cream Machine, Ice Cream Toppings that are Strawberry, Caramel, Mint, and Raspberry, a computer, a cash draw, a credit/gift card reader, and  a keyboard. On the Outside of the White Snack Shack you have a White roof, Security Camera, and black sign on the Roof. I did not make any cars or anyother minifigures to go with this idea so you can have fun and put your own Lego Vechiles and Lego People in it. I made this idea three days ago and had fun building it. It was easy to build, it would be great for any of the Lego sets that Lego makes or by it self if you can't think of any. I know that Lego and Lego City does not make one and that is why I created one. I try to put ideas that are not out there on the market, so please remember to tell your Friends and Family Members about Family Drive INN and Thanks. Have a Great Day! P.S. Don't Forget to check out my other ideas as well on this page and Thanks.

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