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OK, I have to admit, this project is completely senseless...

It came to my mind while I was looking for something in Maps and so the idea was born. It could stand on every table or desk if you want to point out something, I don't know… We have a very big one in our city at a roundabout and I learnt that this one is a piece of "art". So you could place it in your LEGO City?!

Could be a great gift for travellers if you would do some printings on the big round tile e. g. of cities or regions. So you could sell a set with "New York" or "Barcelona" printed on the tile and you can collect them all. Sell those things at airports and you always have an individual gift for your Children if you have forgotten to buy one. Could be a very small box because there are not too many pieces.

I hope you like the idea, please check out my other projects, too (which might make more sense)!

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