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Little Creek

what is my Lego idea:
my Lego set is a small waterfall/creek that I built with my own Lego bricks,
it consists of many small studs and such as the water to give it a more realistic look and it looks a little more flowing that way too.

why did I build it: I built this Lego creation because, one, I'm super bored like all the other people stuck indoors due to Covid-19, and because I'v always wanted to make Lego sets for a living and thought this would be a great start. 

why do I think this would make a great Lego set: I think that this would make a great Lego set because I don't think that there are many things that are currently available on the Lego spectrum that are like this set, I think the idea of Lego architecture is very cool, but I also believe that some sort of Lego landscapes would be very cool. 

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