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BMW Super Car


Lego Technic BMW Super Car

This technic Super Car is inspired by the BMW E88 serie 1 from 2007. Is approximately

1 : 10 escale, 50x21 cm, total weight - 1.7 kg.

The colors inspired by the f1 racing cars sponsored by Red Bull.

This Super Car features. Opening hood in the front, opening Scissor doors in bouth sides, the Aileron folds up completely in the rear section of the car, these features are powered by 4 M Power Funcions Motors and are shifted by a gear box in the interior of the car. All functions are RC.

Other design elements include:

  • Full independent suspension
  • Reinforced A-pillars
  • 8-cylinder fake engine
  • Steering wheel
  • Easily removable batterybox
  • Angled front grill and fake headlights
  • Front and rear suspension system
  • Return-to-center steering
  • 2 Rearview mirrors
  • 2 IR Receivers
  • 2 controllers

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