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CITY Motors (vehicle sales/tyres & batteries/bearings & drive belts)

CITY Motors dealership has the sales office, seperate tyre & battery business and a bearing & drive component supplier.
CITY brand of trucks and 4x4's have come out in 2012 City sets so why not a dealer to look after them. The bearings outlet mainly looks after heavy machinery needs as well a bit for the truck/4x4 area.

The sales counter, easy terms arranged and you are on the road with a new CITY truck or 4x4.

Overhead shot of the tyre fitting area, note the heavy duty tyre changing machine.

Interior of CITY Bearings, selling CITY brand bearing kits and drive belts and agent for Octan greases and their new grease guns.

This is one of my rare Lego City only themed designs, most of my designs are based on past or present brand names in the real world.

I just added a little extra signage to the sales office, not too much. Sometimes saying only a little can say a lot in the end.

This is about complete except for some MOC'ed vehicles to go in the sales yard.
Comments and suggestions always welcome.

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