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Super Car Lotus Evija


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What is it?
It's my very first attempt at building a car. I know it's not a perfect copy of the original but for a first car I'm happy. It's based up on the Lotus Evija, one of those recent supercars. As a kid I've always been impressed with the way cars are designed and built. I started with the back of the car, because there are 2 large holes near the lights to make it look more futuristic. It was rather hard to make it possible but it worked out fine. 

Why did I build this?
Just like my blue dragon, this was an experiment to see if I was able to build a car. When you search online you find millions of LEGO cars, so I was like, let's try one! And, so I started building it step by step ending up with the car you see in the pictures. I really do hope you like it! 

Why would this be a great set?
Well since half the planet loves cars, It's very obvious that one of the next LEGO ideas sets could be a car. This one looks great I think, and yeah also, it's a very fun build! 

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