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Modular Antique Shop


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This modular Antique Shop really started as an outline of bricks, and I just built it up from there. The exterior has two trees, seven windows, an awning, two brick pillars, a bench, a street sign, beautiful architecture, a rooftop garden, four wooden pillars, two trash cans, and ivy growing up the side.

In the Anique shop, there is a cash regester, pictures on the wall, a chair, a record player, a lamp, a model ship, a cow skull, a piano, and cabinets.

In the first floor apartment,there is a kitchen, a dishwasher, a corner table and chair, a picture, and a hat hanger.

In the second floor apartments, there are two pictures, two beds, two toilets, two sinks, a shower, two dressers, shelves, a desk, two lamps, and wall decorations.

Minifigs left to right: man walking a dog, old lady and cat, maintenence man, boy, mailman, lady customer, and antique shop owner.

Any tips or comments are welcome, and I really hope you enjoyed this model.

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