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Mars Rovers


Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated with space and the planets, especially Mars which humans could one day visit. Though we wouldn't know much about Mars today if it weren't for these three brave rovers. 

Pathfinder landed on Mars July 4, 1997, carrying the first Mars rover Sojourner with it. And they stayed active for two months.

The next Rover to land on Mars was MER -2, or Spirit, on January 4, 2004 three weeks before its twin Opportunity, landed on the opposite side of the planet. On the backs of the rovers I have included their launch patches (or the shapes at least) so anyone may tell them apart.

Opportunity is still exploring Mars to this day, however its twin Spirit became stuck and its mission ended with the last contact being May 25, 2011. But with this set the rovers' missions don't have to end, as you can imagine them exploring the red planet forever, preparing for the day when humans may one day step foot on Mars.

I have rendered up a picture of all the rovers (and lander) next to the previous Lego CUUSOO Curiosity to show how they would all scale together, and I think they scale pretty good. I think this set would make any space lover happy to add to, or start, their LEGO space collection so they may continue exploring the lego cosmos for eternity.

The set uses 630 pieces and if you like space as much as I do and would love to own this set, then click those support and share buttons so this set may join all the other space themed LEGO sets out there!!

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