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The Accolade - Contemporary House

What is it?

The Accolade is a modern family house on the lake. This home has a private pier which is the only land entrance to access the home. There are 3 floors in total and it includes a jet ski and a dinghy. The Accolade is around 1200 pieces.

Main floor...
  • Offers open design - see images
  • Front & back door
  • Dining room
  • Sitting room
  • Kitchen
  • Deck at the back

Second floor...
  • Family room with TV and L-couch
  • Dry bar
  • Bathroom
  • 2 bedrooms which have bunkbeds - top level is the bed, bottom level is a desk with computer and floor lamp - and closets
  • Bookshelf outside bedrooms
  • 8 floor to ceiling windows

Third floor...
  • Deck
  • Hard-top awning
  • 2 tanning beds
  • A table for drinks
  • Wet bar & grill
  • Additional space for outdoor furniture

The idea of a phenomenal LEGO set in the making?

After I created The Accolade, it stayed with me for nearly 2 years before I decided to tear it down and construct my next project. Looking at this build in my room for nearly 2 years was aesthetically pleasing as it was the most creative and polished build I had created since I started building LEGO projects at the age of 6 months - I am now 14. This home served me two purposes: 1, it was a nice piece of decoration for my room. It stood next to my trophies and a couple of art pieces. Second, I could play with it with others. There is a dingy on the back and LEGO figures to do role-play with. Moving the third floor up and down and staging dinner parties was lots of fun. This build was both a model and a toy, and all the sets I have had from LEGO have served me those two purposes which I use as a principle when I build LEGO projects.

This build has potential if it were accepted to be a product because it can be simplified and made complex to serve all age groups. For younger LEGO fans we can just stick to blocks and for our older fans there can be a spin on LEGO Technic added in - the moveable deck could be redesigned so that components of Technic can be added. There are many components to The Accolade, so building it would take time which I think is the most fun after unboxing any LEGO set - a nice long challenging build.

If you like this build, please consider leaving me some constructive feedback - in the comments if that's allowed - so that I can hopefully improve on my second submission to LEGO Ideas!

If you loved this project please consider supporting it - it's only one short "click" YOU will have made someone's day! - and telling anyone on your contacts list about this!

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