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~~Mr. And Mrs. Barreca They have always lived in this palace. This has always been the home of family for generations. Ms. Barreca called Francesca, she is a music teacher. Mr. Barreca is called Paul, he was a postman with a great passion for the Jazz. A few years ago they decided to turn their home into a temple of music, a place where all music lovers can shop their instruments and Meet new people and, also, a place where there is a beautiful winter garden on the terrace on the first floor, into which you can read good books and drink a fragrant coffee with pleasant background music. Ms. Francesca welcomes customers and advises them in their purchases, while Mr. Paul prefers to sit in the chair in front of the old fireplace to make Jazz playing his trumpet or simply sit to drink his cup of coffee and read his newspaper. But, I Barreca are not alone to manage the store with them are the cat Kitty and small Anacleto (a real plague!). Paul has recently founded the L.J.F. (Lego Jazz Friends) a small group of friends fans of jazz, which can enter through the back door of the store and meet upstairs to play together a bit of good music! Come and visit us !!!
The model is designed to be compatible with other products from LEGO Modular .
The palace consists of three main parts :
1 ) The ground floor ( music store and WC) ;
2 ) The first floor with terrace , on which was built the winter garden (the roof of the winter garden is mounted on hinges to be opened ) ;
3 ) The roof of the building .

To complete the store they were created :
1 ) The piano ;
2 ) The electric keyboard with the crates to the concerts ;
3 ) The support for the instruments ;
4 ) The support for the vinyls ;
5 ) The sales counter with the cash register ;
6 ) The self-catering with the coffee maker and water dispenser ;

And much more ...

The model and all its accessories are designed with LEGO pieces unmodified .

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