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Crimson Supermech 1.0

This is the Crimson Supermech.

This mech has a lot of features! For one, nearly every one of its joints can move, and on its back it features a a handle and gears. You can grab the handle with one hand and you can turn the gears with the other hand. The gears will turn the top half of the robot Supermech from side-to-side.

Its fun to play with and it looks cool.

Your support and your comments are appreciated. I want to know what can make this cooler and what can make it even more successful. Feed back is appreciated too. However, I believe that this kit can go far, and that it can become a product!

Thanks for your support!
And God bless you. He loves you.

Do you notice the moving gears and the handle grip?

Haha what a beautiful "hand model!"

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