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Space Race

After 10497 I would like to see more spaceships from Classic Space themes return. 

This is a space race set where spaceships from old space themes participate. A set consisting of a Classic Space spaceship, an M-tron and a Blacktron. Doing them all would have made the set too big I think. The set then has the orbital finish line and the stands for the fans which are minifigures of all the classic space themes. This set can be expanded, becoming a theme that could be called Space Racing with other spaceships, other equipment such as course gates and space vehicles to tow spaceships that have had mechanical problems to the pits. 

I decided to publish it because I think there is a need for new things from classic space themes and a new space racing context allows us to create very colorful space vehicles with a varied design typical of racing vehicles and with a use different from that of spaceships which are become sets until now. It also allows you to celebrate all the old classic space themes in a single context that has no factions but teams that compete with each other and allows players young and old to have fun together with the sound of "swooshhhh" along the entire path with colorful spaceships to race.

The classic space themes are my favorite themes and the creation of new means allows us to have new pieces to create other new means and continue to satisfy the imagination and desire to play of fans.

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