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Construction House

Hello, thanks for checking out this idea. For the past year I've been helping my family build a new house, so I had the idea to make a model of a house in the process of being built. This isn't a replica of the house we've been working on, but it does highlight the general aesthetic and form of an incomplete home.

I designed this house so it can open in half to show the interior. This allows you to see things like the uncovered support beam, the the framing that separates rooms, and the stairway.

Additionally, the house being split allowed me to show the house under different degrees of completion. The left house is more complete while the right side is still in the earliest steps of framing.

Hopefully you enjoy my design. If you are interested in seeing come to life as a real set, I'd certainly appreciate the support.

Current model specifications:

Total Parts: 848

Width: 13.6 inches
Length: 13.6 inches
Height: 7.8 inches

Weight: 31 ounces

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