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Lego Viking Ship

Lego Viking Ship
Here's my model today.The Viking Ship.This set consists 150 pieces and 4 mini figures.I got this Idea from Norway.One day I've seen a Viking Museum in Oslo from Internet.There is the root of this set.I hope this set could make your day.
This set includes
  1. Iconic Viking Shields
  2. Detailed Cockpit
  3. Detailed Observatory
  4. 4 Viking mini figures
  5. Unique Displacement
                                                       ,And more!
So.. How's that.Hope you might be like that.Why not.Are there any mistakes.Well then,If I got any mistakes Let me know at the comment section below or If you have any wishes & greets for me write them at the comment section as well.And finally If you like my set Please Smash The SUPPORT Button and remember to share your friends too.Come on!,Its free to support✌.Well,I know you could support this.Thanks for supporting my models.

Built with Lego Digital Designer
Estimated Build Time- 30 minutes
Total pieces-150 pcs

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