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From the lost jungle, in an undiscovered environment, this HIPPOLEPHANT family is so sweet -
Basically hard to say if it is a hippopotamus or an elephant but it's come from deeper imagination : let's call them HIPPOLEPHANT - a complete family and its living environment available and ready to be part of your favorite pets.

  • Sweet heart babies are nesting (yes Hippolephant have nests in dedicated black tree) safely from background
  • Mommy is still nearby picking plenty of colour fruits (strange light bulbs !) for the whole family
  • Big dad is staying alert while family members are in a more confortable place - no-one know which danger may occur

The black trees are the main living place where such animals are growing all together - very strong (some technic brick inside) with 3 stores from ground to upper level - It includes colour fruits as favorite food .. Find them all, to feed your new pets

While mixing different topics and trying to create a friendly "monster", this set was as cute as first assembly. After adding members and fixing the black tree / nest, I think the idea is ready to be shared ! Basically it is a little fragile too - it can be considered as characteristics of such sweety animals.

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