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Hermes Spacecraft

This is "Hermes" spacecraft from the movie "The Martian" .
If you watched that movie, you could've noticed a large spacecraft that had a mission to save Mark Watney who was distressed in Mars. Since it's hard to see mars themed sets these days and micro-scale space crafts, I thought this space craft would be nice if it is a real LEGO set. Of course, there is already awesome International Space Station as a set, but it could be fantastic to have a martian space craft, too! 

As you can see, I built this in micro-scale since it's too big to build in mid or minifig- scale. And this took me for almost a week to redesign, build, render.
This project also has details based on the movie. You can see the cockpit and the residence part built with car steering piece. Don't forget Mark Watney, iconic solar panels and antenna plate!

Here are some features of this project.
  • 159 pieces were used.
  • Width: 3.5 Length: 10.7 Height: 6.0
                    8.9               27.1             15.2 (centimeters)
  • Mark Watney minifigure included.
  • Trans neon orange colored Solar panels and chrome gold colored engines. 
  • Printed nameplate suggested.

Pleas let me know your various opinions by comments. 
Thanks for spending you times for my first project. 

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