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Hyrule Warriors: Armies of Ruin


Defend Hyrule Castle from the invading Bokoblin army, which is led by Cia's two fiercest generals, Volga, the Dragon Knight, and Wizzro, the dastardly Wizzrobe! You can play as either Link, Zelda, or Impa, leading six Hylian soldiers to battle with the help of your two Hyrulean Captains. But watch out! Volga has command of two Lizalfos warriors and six angry Bokoblins! How do you win? Get to each keep and each outpost and turn the ball socket from red to blue! It's not quite as easy as it sounds, though. Wizzro's forces are trying to spin all YOUR ball sockets from blue to red. Protect Hyrule Castle from defeat!


Hello. Ianbein here. I expect this project to do well, as it encompasses the entire first stage of Hyrule Warriors. I know it's a large set, but there are certainly enough troops to get the job done. A few notes: This set contains 0 custom pieces. (The poster is an exception). I did my best to make the characters look exactly like the ones from the game. Tell me in the comments section whether or not you think I did a good job, and, most of all, support my project if you want Legend of Zelda Lego Sets. If This set reaches fifty supporters, I'll make the next stage, inside the Goron Mines with Sheik.

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