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Power Wagon Monster Truck


Tough, rugged, willing and able to go anywhere you can dream of going, this Power Wagon 4x4 takes you on a wild ride.  With 4 wheel steering and full suspension, all rocks, mud and steep terrain will be afraid of you.  

This is a combination of Creator body design with an equal amount of technic funtionality. This Power Wagon uses a good balance of both designs incorporated for a clean, mean, fun design.  Features include, opening hood, tailgate, doors, removable bed cover, 4 wheel steering, bed bars, front and rear suspension with amazing articulation.  Racing seats, dash, side mirrors and shifter compliment the interior looks and functions, while smooth lines and stud not on top design,  all help create the different body parts and contours. Suspension and steering components are used from 42005 4X4 kit utilizing modern available parts.

A line of trucks could be produced showing different body designs such as Grave Digger monster truck, Willy's wagon, or modern designs such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford or even import manufactures.  A lifted Ford Raptor? Dode Megacab, F650, 3500 series, how about Hummer?  A wide selction of variations could be possible.  I think a 3 in 1 kit would be great as well.  This is solid toy as has been well tested by both my children and myself.  Playable, funtionable, and hours of fun.

In updates I shall demonstrate different body designs, features, and update color options as well.  Different motor designs, adding winches, lights, and other amenities will be shown. 

Work hard, play hard, and always play well with others.   

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