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Lego Picture Frame


A lego picture frame - the perfect way to display both your loved ones and your love of legos!

This set holds 1 4x6 picture (horizontally). The picture is held in place by the 1x4 modified bricks with the horizontal cut out. The sign on top is built on a removable section that easily comes off to add or change out the picture being held. The frame is decorated with a small lego scene that includes the side of a building, a newspaper stand, a bench and a lamp post. There are 4 minifigures included; A shop keeper, a busy woman on her way to work, and a father/daughter waiting by the bench. 

This set is made up of 397 pieces (and 4 minifigures) and it is 9 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide. 

I created an example picture using two of the minifigures included in the set:) You would be able to replace this with a picture of your own. 

I hope you like this idea!

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