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EVERSPACE Outlaw Scout

This LEGO build represents the Outlaw Scout, known from the EVERSPACE game franchise.

The Outlaw Scout is one of the first and most frequently encountered enemies in the game and while not standing out by being particularly strong, the Outlaw Scout is definitely remarkable for its iconic design and common presence across a vast amount of locations. EVERSPACE and EVERSPACE 2 feature a wide range of Outlaw Scout variants, like the Zurilia Scout and the Bloodstar Prospector, so I had to settle on one design and decided to use the Outlaw Scout concept art from the original EVERSPACE game as a reference. The model captures the original design as closely as possible, paying attention to the most iconic aspects like the angled wings and the engine layout. I decided to make small changes for aesthetic and practical reasons and also included a cockpit interior free to my imagination, as the game never shows exactly how it looks.

About the game:
EVERSPACE 2 is an open world space shooter with fast-paced space fights, puzzles, and RPG as well as exploration elements. It features tons of locations with lots of content you can travel to, and it has absolutely stunning graphics and level design, with most of the locations being hand-crafted.

About my motivation:
I discovered the original EVERSPACE game (which is more of an Roguelite game, compared to the second game's Open-World-RPG style) rather coincidentally through Stadia Pro (which doesn't exist anymore) and I loved it, so I bought EVERSPACE 2 on Steam and I was not disappointed. It has become one of my favorite games and since LEGO is my biggest hobby by far, I didn't have to think long before I decided I wanted to combine these two aspects. EVERSPACE 2 features a lot of cool ship designs, but the Outlaw Scout appealed most to me because of its unusual design with the angled wings and large fin, forming an almost triangular-like shape.

About the design/build process:
I began designing this build over a year ago and quickly had to realise how challenging it was to accurately represent overall shapes, dimensions and small details. I iterated many times over the design, sometimes having to redesign from the ground up because of fundamental flaws, but I eventually found a design I was happy with. After a few months of little to no progress on the project, and almost having forgotten it, I revisited my digital design and decided it was time to build it in real life. After detecting and fixing many, many more stability issues (the first version basically fell apart whenever trying to lift it), I finally held a robust, good-looking version in my hands. After changing the digital model accordingly, the only thing left to do was creating some appealing renderings and my final LEGO set idea was ready.

I think this model would make a great LEGO set for its interesting building techniques and recognizable design. It could extend the LEGO IDEAS portfolio very well as a smaller set and would make a great display for fans of the EVERSPACE game franchise as well as space enthusiasts looking for a compact yet interesting design.

size in studs: 34 x 21,5 x 26 (27,5 x 17 x 20,5 cm / 11 x 6,5 x 8 in)
part count: 583, without stand: 536
weight: 300g / 10,5 oz

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