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XS Freighter


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Hello! This is my idea for the XS Freighter from Star Wars: The Old Republic. LEGO has so far released several ships in the 'Old Republic' line as building sets, and since the XS Freighter is my favorite ship in the game, I decided to design one from scratch.

  • It features folding panels on the hull to access the interior, similar to the LEGO Millennium Falcon #7965.
  • It has movable guns.
  • It has a working boarding ramp, that slides and folds into the body of the ship.
  • It features a detailed interior, complete with cockpit, passenger lounge, engine room, infirmary, and cargo hold.

The interior space has room enough for several minifigs, and I would adore seeing a Nico Okarr (the ship's original captain) minifigure being made.

The part count is 2,205 bricks.

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