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Sailboat: Elan E1 (210) - a trailerable boat


The Elan E1 is a small sailboat designed for maximum ease-of-use and ease-of-ownership. Minimizing every stage of preparation for a sailing vacation, a number of innovative solutions enable you to pack, drive and sail in no time. Like other day sailers, Elan E1 doesn’t require a berth in the marina, thus saving considerable cost, while her limited weight doesn’t demand big towing cars.

The model is Elan E1 in minifig scale, provided with its trailer and a 4x4 towing car, inspired by Range Rover Discovery 4. With a total part count of 557 bricks including the car and the trailer it shoul be a quite affordable set, providing a boat of 22 studs in lenght, perfect to be swooshed or easily added to a town set. The set is provided with an included driver-sailor minifig.

As you can see in the attached pictures, the set can also be imagined as a desktop model with pedestal, thus further reducing the brick count.

Lego company has already produced trailerable boats, but they were almost all small motorboats; this set in addition has a modeling footprint, representing a Lego version of two existing in real life boat and car.

The last four attached pictures are a diorama of the boat sailing and three renderings of a short story: arriving in town, arming and launching.

For higher res pictures of this and my other projects see my flickr by clicking below:

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