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Hello there! After working for almost a year during my spare time, here it is my Lego IDEAS project: Jumanji - The Roller Coaster! Based on one of my favorite childhood movies which is, moreover, 25 years old.

It is a roller coaster inspired by the Parrish mansion, the main character's house and the place where most of the movie takes place. The attraction’s visitors pay their tickets and enter the area not through the front door, as it is closed, but through a gap left by Carl Bentley's police car while it is being gobbled up and crushed by the wild vegetation, recalling the mythical scene from the film. Then they enter through the main door and can visit the ground floor where they will see the kitchen with its monkeys, the monsoon flood, the living room, the dining room and its famous fireplace... beware the crocodiles!

Continuing the tour you can access the first floor through the spiral staircase, where you will see the bedrooms, and then continue climbing to reach the attic. There the adventurers will have to choose between which of the two routes of emotion are going to be launched to live the Parrish mansion’s experience.

Some of the mythical scenes that have been represented are the one where the car is crushed by the plants, the police motorcycle with the monkeys on top, the breakage of the house in the attic, the kitchen being assaulted by the monkeys, the tomb outside the Parrish factory and the monsoon crocodiles among others.

If they look closely, the details of the furniture will bring good memories to Jumanji’s biggest fans. Some of those details are the watches, the monkey with the knife in the kitchen, the lamps in the living room, the umbrella stand at the entrance, the sword on the fireplace , the model ships in the bedroom, Alan's blue bicycle, the piano in the attic, the canoe on the ceiling or the table games.

Regarding the construction, it is worth nothing the rooftops' design, since they fold up, the spiral staircase's design, the police car transformation, or the façade's architectonic details.

I hope you like it as much as I do and that you support it. Thank you so much in advance.

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