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Lego Modern Home


Step inside a modern Lego home fit for any Lego family. 

This four room abode is split over two levels. From the driveway or footpath, take the steps up to the front porch. Walking into the meals and kitchen area is a four seat table and kitchen with a sink and stove top/oven and draws and cupboard space below. To the left is the bedroom with chest and bench top, with a balcony overlooking the backyard with a table and chair setting on the deck.

Taking the stairs below from the kitchen is the living space with sofa, coffee table and TV mounted on wall with plenty of shelving for personal items. There is an indoor spa under the stairs and the rear windows open up into the backyard. Step into the garage to find it fully equipped to maintain anything in the home. With space for a car and motorbike in the garage and another in the driveway there is plenty of room for everybody. Roller doors open to the front and rear of the house. In the backyard is a pool with water feature and paved area with a fire pit for entertaining. The home is fitted with solar panels and a solar hot water unit on the roof with a TV antenna.


Included are accessories and vehicles such as bikes and scooters. 2 cars which include a 4WD and sports car are included with a selection of minifigures. The spaces apart from the garage are not constrained to be used as shown, the house internally can be modified to suit whatever design you require. The layout and vehicles can be taken for illustrative purposes only.

The model itself is designed to come apart with ease with the centre wall and pool facing wall making the main structure up. The roofs are two separate components and lift off with few studs holding them down. The bedroom and kitchen areas lift off with their associated walls to revel downstairs for access.

The model is roughly 2100 pieces with the road base plate. Removing the road base plate and tiles will take that figure down ~100 pieces and the trees contain roughly 90 pieces each. Hopefully the price will fall around the $120-150 USD mark depending on the piece count.

Hopefully you enjoy this model as much as I did building it!

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