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Pharaoh's Tomb


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Welcome to Egypt and the Pharaoh’s Tomb!

This play/display set is a homage to Adventurers theme with which I -and I know a lot of fellow Lego enthusiast- grew up. I have always loved this theme, it took my imagination to far-flung places and made me imagine myself as an explorer. That is the reason I developed this Idea, the nostalgia and to bring me back to those places.

Our protagonist finds himself in the middle of the desert in search for the pharaoh’s tomb with all the treasures that come with it! But once he found the temple, he discovered that his nemesis is there already…. It is up to your imagination and creativity how this will end up.

The temple itself features a throne room and entrance to the maze and tomb underneath the temple. The design intends to reflect the typical Egyptian architecture and offers some of the most typical features of ancient Egyptian architecture. The needles, columns and statues near the entrance for example.

The labyrinth presents other details, like;
  •  A burial chamber with a sarcophagus, mummy and guard-statues.
  • A treasury with all the things the pharaoh may need in the afterlife. His golden throne, weaponry and -as the ancient Egyptian used to do: organs- are present. But if you manage to enter, there may be something more precious than the diamonds and gold, there is a genie lamp to be found and if there is a genie in it, he might fulfil all your wishes!
  • A little chapel where the priest worshipped the gods and prayed for the pharaoh.
  • And some hidden doors (which may cause you to get lost. It is dangerous to enter the tomb, other people/robbers tried it and didn’t come out, but if you find the hidden doors you will succeed).

When you succeed, you can use the airplane to get help and discover the rest of the tomb and Egypt!

This Idea contains 5 minifigures and 2386 parts.

I hope that you enjoy this Idea as much as I enjoyed building it! Thank you for your support and consideration.

*P.S. The added base plates in some of the pictures are just present for the surroundings, the correct amount of baseplates can be seen in the first picture. 

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