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Super Off Road Sports Car


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My idea is a cross between a sports car and a monster truck, so kind of like a Lamborghini with huge jacked up wheels.  The car can only be driven by a single person and no passengers.  The roof is two segmented using hinge pieces at each section.  The roof can come off easily making it convertible.  Also the roof can be adjusted depending on what minifigure you are using.  There is no chair in the car so the minifigures can recline.  It comes with a helmet and a gold cup sugesting he won a race.  The back of the car represents a huge engine with 4 exhaust pipes in total, two on each side.  There are no doors because race cars normally kep their doors welded shut during races.  The wind shield is a curved 6 stud wind shield.  Over all a relativley small set, not more than 200 pieces.  I think that the colors should remain similar because they work well together especially in a race car.

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