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Go-Cart Track & Pit Stop

“Live from our local go-cart track. Today, four top-tier go cart drivers will compete and do their very best to win the trophy standing right in front of me, along with the honorable championship title. All of them have been preparing their entire lives for this moment, so it’s no wonder this is going to be a drag-out fight, full of twists and turns. But speaking of the sudden and unpredictable events, in case our racers’ vehicles need a quick fix, there is always a possibility to pull over to the pit stop, where the professional staff will take over the rest.”
Seriously, who doesn’t love go-carts? With this build, I'm presenting to you a fully equipped racing track for this type of vehicle. Although, the track itself is the main part of the build, the thing you may notice at the first glance are the buildings at the pit stop:
Storage Unit – the name is pretty much self-explanatory, as this building is used to keep different repair-related stuff in one place. It has a liftable main door and a backdoor.
Container Office – this is where the repair crew rests after their shifts. Apart from places to sit and eat, there is plenty of storage space, along with things like a microwave and a sticky-note board.  
Also, there is a backyard hidden behind the buildings, used to store things that are simply too big for any of them.
The last part of the project is a podium designed to have enough place for the winners, journalists and other spectators as well.

The project consists of 2909 parts in total, has 9 minifigures (flagman, 2 mechanics, TV-presenter, cameraman and 4 racers), 4 go carts and many other accessories to discover.
If you love this project, please support and share it with others, so LEGO might consider turning this into a real set if it reaches 10K votes.  

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