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Yellow Brick Station


What’s hiding in your Lego bricks?

Yellow Brick Station

Take a tour around Yellow Brick Station, which runs on pure 1MG1N-AXN. Deep in an underground cave, explore the top-secret source where crude CR8TV-1TEE is carefully channeled through a series of pipes for processing. Help Science Officer Marigold fine-tune the flow rate by turning the small flow-control valve on the dock, and adjust the pressure by cranking the large wall-mounted valve.

Join Commander Boyd for coffee in the main control room, where he meticulously supervises processing pure 1MG1N-AXN. Keep a carefully eye on the monitor and dials, and adjust the levers as necessary to ensure the highest quality fuel. When the purification process is complete, lower the nozzle at the refueling station and fill the fuel cell. Once filled, the fuel cells can be passed through the sliding door to the processing centre for quality control. At Yellow Brick Station, we put safety first. In case of emergency, use the e to break the glass and hit the emergency shut-off button.

Pilot Xanthe will show you around the hangar, which is equipped with the most advanced tools in communication technology, spacecraft repair, and fire suppression. Check out the sleek ZENITH-Y24, a specially designed exploratory spacecraft whose speed and maneuverability is unparalleled.

Next stop is the processing centre, where Mission Specialist Sol performs a series of quality control checks with the help of sensitive equipment and an agile RoboTechnic Arm.

Intruder alert! Use the ray gun to defend critical food supplies from a hungry Vermillian alien.

Will our brave heroes be able to defend Yellow Brick Station? Will they negotiate a peace treaty with the Vermillians? Or will the battle damage force them to rebuild a new station?

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Yellow Brick Station’s bold colour and instantly recognizable shape will catch people’s attention, and the fun vignettes will capture their imagination. Full of playable and interactive details like a swooshable spacecraft, sliding door to connect the two main rooms, a RoboTechnic Arm, a lowering fuel cell nozzle, and many more levers, valves, and removable tools, this set is sure to delight young and old Lego Classic Space fans and encourage imaginative play.

Yellow Brick Station features four space station vignettes built into each side of a giant yellow Lego brick: underground cave, main control room, spacecraft hangar, and processing centre.

  • Four (4) classic yellow spacemen minifigures: Science Officer Marigold, Commander Boyd, Pilot Xanthe, and Mission Specialist Sol
  • Brick-built Vermillian alien for spacemen to befriend or battle
  • Swooshable spacecraft

This set measures over 4 ¼” (10 cm) tall, 10” (25.5 cm) long and 5” (12.5 cm) deep.

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