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RC Monster Baja Buggy

The Baja 1000 is fast tough off-roading race that only best off-roaders survive. I have built my model to represent a real Baja 1000 buggy that is built for speed and endurance. My buggy is fully Remote Control that is powered by the extremely fast and power fully LEGO buggy motors. My model has many features like a real off-roader including:
-Working lights
- Working front independent suspension 
-rear suspension 
-fully Remote control drive from buggy motors
- RC steering from LEGO servo motors
- Easily openable engine bay
- Detailed interior
- Monster energy stickers

The Remote control Functions include:
-Drive: 2 buggy motors
- Steering: PF Servo motor
- PF Lights
-AA battery box
-2 PF IR receivers and controllers

My RC LEGO model is an incredible replica of a fast Baja 1000 buggy, the epic monster energy stickers, the tough suspension and the RC functions makes this like a real Baja buggy. These functions also give my model amazing playability and off-road ability. This is why my model would be an amazing LEGO set.
Please support and help this reach 10,000!

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