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IAT (Imperial Assault Tank)


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This is my imperial assault tank (IAT) I made it from lego digital designer. It looks like a separatist AAT tank Because it was designed by the separatist during the Clone Wars it was intended to be a in the droid army but the leaders of the droid army were assassinated by a fallen jedi named Anakin Skywalker but the planes were recovered by imperial shock troopers, few years later The tank was being developed by the Imperial reasearch station 61 and now used the the Imperial army.

The tank is more powerful than the AAT.

Here is the undercarriage for the new IAT (Imperial Assault Tank)

Here are the controls for the imperial tank. It is equipped with targeting computers and a navicomputer.

The computers were designed by Nute Gunray during the clone wars.

Here is the controller for the tank turret.

The minifigures are included are 2 Stormtroopers and 3 Tank pilots.

I want my set to be part of the new Star Wars Rebel TV show. Because I would love to donate my ideas to the guys that are making Star Wars Rebels.

That is all the images I can upload.

UPDATE! This project has 223 pieces.

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