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Classic Space Creator Set


I feel that Creator sets are more true to the essence of what Lego stands for than other themes, and their potential to enhance other themes is often overlooked. The LEGO Ideas platform would be an excellent place to revive old themes like Classic Space and Western, but projects submitted often have very specific designs. That is where I believe the Creator ethos has value - instead of a set based on one specific design, a Classic Space Creator set would supply a wide assortment of useful general Classic Space pieces, and three different instructions on how these pieces could be assembled.

It is very hard to design a Creator set, but I have done my best in the pictures to give an impression of how this set might work. The main model would have two different large vehicles, perhaps a Classic Space shuttle and a Blacktron inspired vehicle carrier. The secondary model could be smaller vehicles, perhaps swapping the colour combination of the Classic Space and Blacktron vehicles, and a tertiary model could be a research/exploration base mixing all colours and having a lot of smaller vehicles and buildings.

Another feature I would like to have included in this set is a short black & white comic book based on the adventures of Classic Space, written in the style of comic books produced at the time of the Classic Space era. This I believe would be a great item for collectors and fans of Classic Space, as well as giving the set an extra something special.

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