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Traditional Fishing Net


This scenic building is a traditional fishing shack with a huge net, inspired to the ones that are found on the coast of Pisa, not far from the leaning tower, in Italy – hence the flag.

I did my best to capture the slightly beaten down look of the building, giving it plenty of angles and making the uneven walkway that goes around it.

The roof uses a mix of grill pieces pieces in different colors to create the effect of layers of wavy metal sheets that got stacked one on top of the other over the years.

The fishing net does go up and down, with a wormscrew mechanism, and also the winch works. The big net itself is made out of four square nets “sewed” with Lego strings.

Finally, the interior is completed by a desk, very tiny toilet and a bunk bed, in case minifigs decide to spend the night.

Some more details that I enjoyed building are the dingy and its engine, the hammock, and the swinging crane that allows crates to be loaded up from the little wooden platform that serves as a dock.

Sculpting the waves was also plenty of fun, although perhaps I got a little carried away with it.

Hope you’ll like it  :)

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