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Triple-Decker Trans-Can Explorer Bus

What it is: it is a Triple-Decker Trans-Can Explorer Bus.
Why did you build it: I love going on vacations with friends and having a Triple-Decker Explorer Bus like this one would allow me to take all my friends with me for a Trans Canadian wilderness adventure. 
Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set: this bus is inspired by the popular red Double-Decker London Buses liked by all children, however is upgraded for adventure travel that stimulates children's imagination and sense of adventure. It has a compact size with a solid three-axel, six wheels and a separate axel for the engine.
The rear door allows easy access to the spacious interior of the bus. The roof is accessible from the second deck or via the "airplane stare" accessory.  There is plenty of storage space for gear on the roof and seats allow for viewing of the "LEGO animals" living in the "LEGO Jungle". The third deck is the most popular spot for all LEGO friends to hang out and as you can see there is quite a crowd.
The powerful engine of the bus is protected by a strong bumper with two oversize lights on its sides that allows for travel throughout the darkest nights. The front, driver's windshield can be taken down when is too hot to allow for air flow to the lower deck.
I am certain that it would appeal to a large number of LEGO users.  

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