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Amelia Earhart's Model 10 "Electra"

The year is 1937! Amelia Earhart is already a decorated pilot, having been the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by aeroplane! Now she is preparing to travel around the world, in a specially modified Lockheed Model 10 "Electra." The plane has been equipped with extra fuel containers for the long flight, in the middle of the fuselage. But there is still room for bunks, navigation equipment, and a toilet at the rear. Amelia Earhart is the pilot, controlling the aircraft, and her navigator Fred Noonan sits right behind her managing the radio equipment and navigating. On the ground, the airfield operator meets them with freshly topped off fuel tanks and a handy truck full of useful maintenance supplies whenever they touch down. When they're in the skies, he relaxes with a cup of coffee and listens to the radio in his office by the radio tower.

This creation is inspired by the aviator Amelia Earhart. Some cool features include:
  • Airplane roof is removable in two pieces
  • Airplane interior layout based on actual Lockheed Model 10 flown by Amelia Earhart
  • Wheels are retractable
  • Tail wing flaps have adjustable pitch
  • Toilet in rear of aircraft
  • Removable fuel containers
  • Fuel Truck carries ladder and trailer for fuel containers, assorted tools

Three minifigures are suggested for the set: Amelia Earhart (pilot), Fred Noonan (navigator), and a ground mechanic/fuel pump operator. I hope this is a fun set that's playable for any aviation enthusiasts as well as LEGO fans alike. Thanks very much in advance for your support. May the Force be with you!

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