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Laser Base


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Welcome to Laser Base

This base could be located on a far away planet, designed to withstand a hostile environment and keep out enemies. All around the perimeter there is a laser fence and several security turrets. Just behind that is a walkway for patrols.

The laser fence needs a lot of power and so a big power generator is located on the inside. The armoured walls are strong and placed diagonally. Along those walls you see thick power cables going all the way up to the laser canon, the main weapon of this base. The power generator is quite complex and several control panels are located on both floors to make sure everything works smoothly.

The base is manned by several troopers: 2 in hardsuits to go on patrol outside the laser fence, 3 in protective armour. Two droids are stationed on this base for maintenance and security duties.


Main Features!

  • The diagonal armoured walls with all the power lines give the base an awesome futuristic look.
  • Entrance door slides up and down to provide access to the base.
  • Power generator can rotate.
  • Laser canon can rotate, tilt and the barrels move back and forth.
  • Fully tiled floors to give a high tech look.
  • Two floors.


To see the door, generator and canon working please click the link:

Note: you may notice some differences on the LDD pictures and the photographs/video. I prefer the LDD version but I had to make (colour/brick availability) compromises while building.


Space not your thing?

Though personally I use the base for Star Wars minifigures, this base can be used for any future military setting, crazy scientist base, covert opps location, secret agents, super heroes/villains setting etc.



The model was designed with LDD and built afterwards with real bricks (give or take a few compromises). The model is built on a 32 x 32 base plate and is made of 2650 bricks. Height is approximately 33cm / 13 inches.  There would be 3 minifigures with this set.


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