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Karate Mech


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Hello Friends,

This is a Karate Mech it can kick, and stand.  This set has great play ability and would also be very good for a shelf decoration.  It is not hard to take the mini figure out of the cockpit.  I hope you all like this set very much and please consider sharing, supporting, and following.

I think this would make a great set because of its play ability and easy access to the mini figure in the cockpit.  It is also able to be put in many different kinds of setups and themes.  Constructive criticism is always very welcome.  If you have any suggestions please post them and I will try to improve my model by updating it in the update box.

Please share on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or any other related sites.  I hope this becomes a reality, and you can help by sharing and supporting.  Thank you!


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