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BrickHeadz Locomotive 2


This project is a sequel to my previous project, the BrickHeadz Locomotive. It uses some of the base from that previous project. Of course, I swapped out parts of the underside of the base to make it look more like a steam locomotive.

The BrickHeadz Locomotive 2 project is 377. This project includes a BrickHeadz figure compatible steam locomotive, and a BrickHeadz driver. Like the diesel locomotive in the previous project, the steamer has articulating boggies, and can be connected with other LEGO train cars. As far as the play ability goes, this project is the same as the previous one.

Thank you all so much for viewing and supporting this project! Please tell me what you think of this project in the comments. Is it better than my previous one, or not as good? Have a good day, everyone! Project by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 8/5/2018