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Mini Modular Pet Shop


Thank you for looking at this project.

I'm a big fan of the modular series.  I was just as impressed with the 10230 Mini Modulars set when it came out.  It inspired me to create some of the more recent modular buildings that haven't been recreated in miniature format.

This model is based on the Pet Shop.  You will notice that this model splits into two smaller buildings, just like the original.  Some other details of note include: recreating the red mailbox, having the arched doorway for the pet shop loft, and a green door on the top level of the apartment building.  In addition to using the SNOT technique to get the necessary details for the windows, both buildings in this set use wing plates on the top floors to resemble the sloped faces in the original set.  Of course, this required some creative building techniques to get everything to work properly, including the use of clips to attach the roofs.

You'll notice that I was missing a few pieces of the right color in the back to complete the build, but I've verified that the pieces in the right shape and color do exist.

I've attached a picture that also includes the Town Hall, which I'm submitting as a separate project.  I've added it so you can see how the buildings fit together and maintain the right scale.

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