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Street Cab / Mountain Cruiser


I present to you the "Street cab / Mountain cruiser".


This lowrider is perfect to show of to your friends with it's slick design and modified wheels.

  • The car comes with cozy leather interior
  • Two minifigures fits perfectly next to eachother without wasting any of the space in the car (Thank you Jangbricks for showing us this incredible hint). 
  • Open up the hood and discover the powerful V8 engine
  • Load your luggage or friends onto the cargo area in the back.

 The car is modifiable to some extent

  • By simply swapping the roof, the roof stabilizer and the wheels with parts that follow the set, you easily convert the cab into a Mountain cruiser.
  • While being in the cruiser mode, just tilt the roof a little and you can insert your minifigures.
  • Or maybe even turn it into a Mountain cab or Street cruiser ;) 

If you like this idea don't forget to support it so we can all have one sporty lowriding cab in our homes :)


(The pictures rearanged themselves quite funny and out of order)

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