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Amsterdam Antiques Shop

The Amsterdam Antiques Shop is a 4-story Modular-Building showing the characteristic Holland-canalhouse-style.

The shop offers antique furniture like the pendulum clock or an old tapestry and several other ancient goods. The shop is split-leveled to offer stowage under the raised platform and to seperate the showroom from the rear.

A seperate entrance leads right upstairs to an apartment with kitchenette and livingroom on the 2nd floor and bedroom and bathroom on the 3rd floor. From the 3rd floor a staircase leads up to the 4th floor-roof-deck.

To keep down costs the set is quite simple furnished, only the showroom´s floor is planked.

1st floor: antiques shop and entrance

2nd floor: living room and kitchenette

3rd floor: bedroom and bathroom

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