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Gundam vs Zaku! Mobile Suit Gundam : RX-78-2 'GUNDAM' and MS-06 Zaku II

What's up LEGO fans! This is my first LEGO Ideas submission: The Gundam vs Zaku!

Save the Earth Sphere and stop the evil forces of Zeon! Help Amuro Ray wage intergalactic battle in his Mobile Suit: The RX-78-2 Gundam: A prototype MS designed by his father. But watch out! The Zaku is on the attack! Defend the space colonies and prevent Char Aznable from unleashing the power of the New Type!

This submission is from the Mobile Suit Gundam universe. A beloved franchise around the world with a huge following in Asia and an ever growing fandom in the west (especially after being featured in Ready Player One). This IP for 45 years has been known for its anime, manga and, of course, the incredibly popular model kit line from Bandai Namco - "Gunpla" (Gundam Plastic Model)

But why THIS Gundam submission?
To differentiate it from other LEGO mech/robot sets out now, as well as differentiate it from other Gundam submissions, this one comes with not one but TWO mobile suits:
  • RX-78-2 'GUNDAM'
  • MS-06 Zaku II
Rather than have one big Master Grade detailed model I have opted for two medium sized High Grade ones so they can do battle with each other!

These models were made with what was available on LDD, but I am sure the LEGO design team can make use of all the cool new mech building elements that have come out in recent years!

Other possible options:
  • This would look awesome with display stands to allow you to position them in dynamic poses.
  • The regular Zaku could be swapped for Char Aznable's MS-06S Zaku II (it looks the same but with a cool red coat of paint!)
  • Maybe could rebuild into SD (super deformed) versions - a popular "chibi" version of the Gunpla kits

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