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Country Cottage

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Hello, World!

By following my passion for mountains, cottages and chalets, I've tried to reproduce different kind of structures I see in my little journeys.

In this building I've not given so much attention to the creation of interior details or furnitures; rather, I've tried to create a not too big structure to represent a small cottage, ideal for two persons and, why not, for a small vacancy.

My main goal was to try to create a building with an external wall that could give the idea of "irregular stone" and, to design this, I've used many little bricks; then I've tried to cover the internal part of these walls (the little bricks were not so nice to see... like a naked, rough wall), using SNOT techniques to place a kind of internal coat, also useful to hang pictures, menus, lights and so on; with this solution, the floor seems also to slip inside the wall.

The ground floor is an open space divided into two rooms: a kitchen corner and a living room (both without furnitures but with free space to enrich them); the rooms are divided by a low wall with a top.

These rooms are decorated just a little; I've placed a clothes hanger, a flat TV with remote control, radiators and simple curtains on each window.

In the living room there is a brick staircase that hides three drawers and that leads to the first floor.

The upper floor is not actually a complete floor but it's rather an attic/nook, where your minifigures are protected by a banister.

I've thought to create a back door enclosed under an arch and, to decorate just a little the exterior space, I've placed a border fence with lamps and some plant and a garbage can.

I hope you like this idea and, more, I hope it could give you other ideas to create other structures and to mix together different kind of building techniques when you create your own ideas.

Thank you very much for you interest in this idea; have a nice Lego day !! :)

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