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Christmas Tree


This is an awesome seasonal set that you may want to have at home for christmas time! I wanted to make my own christmas lego-decoration this year and this was one of the sets I ended up with. I honestly did not expect it to be so big and beautiful but here it is! Two of the things I love the most are christmas and Lego and this is the main reason why I built it; this set is a perfect combination.

Interesting things about this set:

- In order to build this set, I used around 1900 pieces and most of them are from the same type and color. The main design (leaves and branches) needed only six types of pieces in six different colors, could you guess all of them? (Leave a comment!)

- One copy of the original tree is now being exhibited at one of the LEGO Stores in Munich  (Germany) and I am really proud about it. 

If you have any questions or suggestions...

Leave a comment :D I will reply it ASAP or... send me a PM on Instagram (@tiaaanda). Thank you for reading and I would really appreciate if you become a supporter of this project. 

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