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Bookstore and Architects Office


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In the bookstore on the ground floor we find a large bookshelf full of great books.
With the movable ladder you can also reach the top of the bookshelf.
In the armchair in the corner of the shop, the owner reads stories to the children.
On the first floor there is an architect's office. At the desk, the architect can receive customers and design buildings on the PC.
At the workbench the architect builds models. In the small kitchen there is a coffee maker so that the architect can always drink his favorite drink.

The reason for the design of this model is that I think that just every city needs a bookstore. And how can you enlarge the city if there is no architect planning the buildings?

I think it will be a great legoset because the design fits in perfectly with the other townhouses and the bookstore and architects office are still missing in the city.

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