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Inventor's Team Bus


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out my project, the Inventor's Team Bus!

This project has no base in reality at all, although the hood looks, unintentionally, a bit like a school bus where I live. This came straight from my imagination, and follows the plot of an inventor, a computer programmer, and a former truck driver, plus the programmer's son and inventor's son, working together as a team of heroes trying to defend their region against a villain, which I have not come up with. Obviously, there are five minifigures, but let's talk about the main feature-the bus.

The front features a large grille and large headlights, along with a bumper. The hood is shaped a bit like what a school bus looks where I live, but, as I have said before, that is completely unintentional. This bus is supposed to have been built by the inventor, who has never built a vehicle before, so he has never learned to make things aerodynamic. Thus, there is a large, boxy area at the top of the front of this bus, which intentionally looks a bit awkward. In the cockpit area, I have placed the driver and programmer, but of course the figures can be switched around. Sadly, there is only one door to the bus, but luckily there is a step to help these figures get in. The roof is easily removable, and I will start towards the front. At the top, there is a loft bed for the inventor, partially covering the cockpit, with a ladder for access. It's hinged, so there is easier access for human beings, but this is solely for access for humans and is not part of what minifigures would experience. There are two seats in the cockpit, but a third, cushy seat for a child, made to fit the smaller minifigure legs, is slightly behind the front passenger seat. In a tiny compartment, some entertainment is provided in the form of a LEGO set. Behind that seat is another, very similar seat, meant to fit the inventor's son. A fold-up table is mounted to the wall, so if the character in the seat wants to eat while they are driving, he can. Behind that seat is the inventor's fancy swivel chair. It swivels so that the inventor can be sitting down in his seat and be working in the back, which is made as a workshop, at the same time. A tool rack for the hammer and wrench is nearby a small window. Above that tool rack is a built-in TV to provide entertainment while the inventor and his son are working. Directly across from that TV is a weapon rack with an older-style gun and a super high-powered Taser. A built-in light has been placed directly over a small stand-up table with a water bottle and a blueprint on it. Next to the table is a basket with the programmer's laptop in it. Above that basket is a microwave with a ready meal inside. A blue door nearby that microwave leads to the bathroom with a toilet, mirror, sink, and soap dispenser. Why a soap dispenser in a private bathroom? It's because a regular soap bottle won't fit.

Now, it's minifigure time. The inventor is the one wearing the life vest, which I have used here as a bulletproof vest in yellow, made of Kevlar. The driver is wearing a cape that is actually supposed to be made out of a curtain, since this guy wanted to feel more like a leader. The computer programmer is the only female minifigure in this project, but she doesn't mind. Her son is the guy with the teddy bear, and the inventor's son is the one wearing the red and white shirt.

There's one more thing, and it's a small robot, made to be the inventor's personal assistant and also a battle robot. Since it's meant to be the inventor's little helper, it's named Elf, because it would be the elf if the inventor was Santa Claus.

Once again, thank you for checking out the Inventor's Team Bus!

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