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Boxing has been contested at every Summer Olympic Games since its introduction to the program at the 1904 Summer Olympics. Boxing first appeared as a formal Olympic event in the 23rd Olympiad (688 BC). The earliest visual evidence for boxing appears in Sumerian relief carvings from the 3rd millennium BC. A relief sculpture from Egyptian Thebes (c. 1350 BC) shows both boxers and spectators.

This sport appears in famous (Oscar winning) movies: Rocky series, Million Dollar Baby...
Some boxing events are parts of the Human History: Known as “The Fight of the Century” for good reason, the 1971 Heavyweight Title match was about more than just a championship: in the eyes of many, it was a reflection of the times.

This model presents the modern version of this sport, with tons of playable features. You can play a whole 12 round professional match, be the judge, decide who will win, dance with the cheerleaders or make a coverage with the reporter as you wish. Have a good time with this set.

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